Author: Cheryl
•8:29 PM
I already spent our $50 grocery allowance this week. But I am very tempted to go back to ShopRite tomorrow to get more of the Perdue chicken on sale. It was such good prices for all of that product that I thought maybe I could spend a little more and stock up for weeks.

But doesn't that defeat the purpose of the budget? And when do you say when? What if another deal next week makes me want to go back and go over?

I think I may just stay home, but then I could change my mind in 30 minutes. What's your opinion? When is it time to just so no to some deals?
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On January 28, 2009 at 7:43 AM , Sheena said...

I see where your comming from. My main markets are shoprite, pathmark, and acme. I usually try to stay under budget so when they do have some good sales I can go and stock up. Other times I just take some funds from savings and go stock up; I mean isn't that why we are saving, to have it for those times when we need it. Say you are stuck in the house for 3 days because of a storm, seeing money wont cure hunger lol....

Nice page by the way...I have a lot of family in south jersey.