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In March it will be a year since I started couponing and I have learned so many lessons. I have learned what goes on sale at what times of the year and that you need to stock up on it then. Sugar for instance goes on sale between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I bought it on sale, but not alot of it. Now I am completely out, needed more right away, and had to pay full price as the coupons I had didn't even make it cheaper than the store brand. Now I know to buy a bunch of it at the holidays. You live and learn.

I decided this week to load up Mr. Freeze as much meat as I could, and then take a break from meat shopping in the next few weeks, and focus on other categories, fruits and vegs, non-perishable goods (rice, beans, pasta).

So that is what I did at SuperFresh today with that thought in mind.

3 lbs ground beef $5.06
1 pack of thin steaks $2.63
1 pk seasoned chicken thighs $1.34
1 pk seasoned chicken thighs $1.01
1 top round steak $5.31
3 Healthyones lunch meat $1.67 each - .75 q's = .17 each
1 pk granulated sugar $2.99

Total $18.84

Over to ShopRite. It was crowded due to the 3pm Eagles game today (I will keep my opinions on that game to myself).

2 Turkey Hill ice creams $2.49 each
2 Kraft cheeses $1.99 (I had .50 q's but they were for wrong store, oops)
3 Ragu pasta sauces $1.14 - $1.00 off 3 q's = .81 each
4 cans Goya beans $2.00
3 Sucrets Ice pops $1.49 - $1.50 q's = FREE
4 Hefty boxes of trash bags $1.49 - $1.00 q's = .49 each
1 Goya olive oil $2.99
1 vegetable oil $1.99
1 rotisserie chicken $4.99

Total $26.40

Then I hit our local produce market because they have the cheapest lunch meat around. And my poor husband needs something besides leftovers for lunch. I found out while in there that it was a $10.00 minimum to use your debit card there and since I had no cash, I had to get a few things to bring me up to the $10.00. The bananas are for my mom, who asked me to grab them for her.

1 bag broccoli rabe
1 bag bananas
1 bag spinach
1 lb domestic ham
1 lb American cheese

Total $11.26

Final total $56.50

Okay, a little over. But the $10.00 minimum at the product place threw me off. Next time I will learn to take cash there.

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