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•11:29 AM

My trip to SuperFresh on Saturday morning was mostly to get the ground beef that was on a great sale for $1.68 a pound. I got there a little before 9am and they had none. Yes, NONE! They didn't even have a sign out for it. So I just assumed I had gotten there too early for the people in the meat department. I went and did the rest of my shopping. But managed to botch some of that up too.

The Special K and the Eggo's waffles were supposed to be .99 each. The Eggo's worked but the Special K rang up at $2.50. The Stroehmann's bread was 3 for $4.00 but unfortunately the kind I picked up and had coupons for wasn't part of the deal either. And again did I mention that I didn't get the ground meat?

3 Eggos .99 - .75q's = Free, no overage
4 Special K waffles $2.50 each = $10.00 - .75 q's = $1.00 each
3 Skippy peanut butters 3 for $4.00 - .35 q's = .63 each
3 Stroehmann's bread $2.59 each - .55q's (not doubled) = $2.54 each (yuck)
1 Egglands 18 ct $2.99 - .35 q = $2.29

Total $14.31 (could have done better)

So in my frustration, and my husband's frequent complaining that we need ground meat instead of using ground chicken or ground turkey, I hauled my behind back to SF later in the evening to see if they stocked up on the meal. And thank Jebus they did. I got close to 9 lbs of ground meat, and froze it into 1lb little packages and stuck them in Mr. Freeze.

a little under 9 lbs of ground meat $14.62

Lastly, of course, to ShopRite. They were having their Can Can sale, but I really am well stocked up on canned goods, so I just got some things to round out our week. The Slim A Bear Klondike ice cream sandwiches are for me. I am trying to teach myself portion control with my ice cream consumption. My name is Cheryl and I have an addiction to ice cream.

4 Quaker oatmeal quick oats $1.50 - .60 q's = .50 each
2 Chi Chi's Salsa = $1.49 each - $1.00 off 2 = $.99 each
2 Helluva Good Cheese blocks $1.99 - $1.00 off 2 = $1.49 each
2 Wacky Mac spirals $1.19 - .50q's = .19 each
1 Breyers ice cream $2.74 (for the husband)
1 Klondike Slim A Bear $2.79 (one a day Cheryl, one a day)
1 Rottiserie chicken $5.80
4 cans ShopRite sauerkraut $2.00

Total $23.34

Total spent $52.27 Just a pinch bit over budget. Would have done better overall if I paid attention the first time at SuperFresh. But Mr. Freeze is happy and so is my husband that I won't be making meatloaf with ground chicken in it any time soon.

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