Author: Cheryl
•2:56 PM

Our emergency fund is over $700. Not too bad. Would like it to grow faster. We are going to use a small portion of our tax returns as soon as it comes in, to get it up at least to the $1000 mark. The rest will go to finally pay off the rest of credit card #4.

This is also our first payday where we didn't have that extra money coming in and I was still able to send half a decent snowball amount to card #4. And I am actually a little ahead in paying all our monthly bills, so much that I haven't gotten most of them in the mail yet. I just pay them online and save the confirmation e-mails for when they show up in the mail.

And weird thing too, all you hear about lately is credit card companies raising rates on people for no reason, even ones with no monthly carry over balances and those with good payment history. Well I was checking all my cards for their balances and rates, as I do so every few days and I noticed that one of my cards actually lowered their rate for us. I never asked them or did anything, but it lowered. So I will just keep my mouth shut and take it as finally some good karma. But I won't get too excited the others may try to even that out.

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