Author: Cheryl
•10:26 AM

Was a strange trip to CVS this week. I had one deal in mind on something getting $10.00 in ECB's back, but they didn't have the item in stock and I didn't have my heart completely set on it. I had my $10.00 CVS gift card I earned on MyPoints, so I got some free Ritz and Wheat Thins, two cards for my husband and sister in law's b-days, milk, and dryer balls that I have wanted for a long time.

5 boxes Ritz crackers $1.00 each
5 boxes Wheat Thins $1.00 each
Dryer balls $3.00
2 cards .99 and $2.99
1 1/2 gallon of milk (I forgot to put it in the picture) $2.59

Total $19.57

(5) $2.00 off any 2 Ritz or Wheat Thins crackers
(1) $3.00 off any purchase of $15.00 or more at CVS (last day to use it)

Total $6.57 all put on my CVS gift card
Total oop ZERO
Total ECB's ZERO

So nothing new earned, but nothing spent either and I got some stuff we needed. Still a good week.
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