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SuperFresh had triples again this weekend and I really wasn't going to go until I saw a deal on Green Giant veggies and I can't pass up a chance to stock up on vegetables. So I checked out a few other deals there. Did pretty well.


2 Frigo string cheese = $1.49 each after q's
2 pks of chicken thighs and wingettes = $1.82 and $1.70
3 Pillsbury Savorings = .75 each after q's
1 Wrigley's gum = Free with coupon in last week's paper
4 Kellogg's Raisin Bran/Crunch = .40 each after q's
10 Green Giant boxed veggies = .25 each after q's

Total before q's = $38.27
Total after q's = $7.37

My husband requested fruit and anytime he wants something healthy, I'm gonna encourage it. So I hit the produce market with my mom and brother today.


2 bags of carrots
1 bag of red potatoes
1 bag of mushrooms
2 bags of bananas
2 bags of oranges
1 bag of apples
1 bag of lemons (his request, for lemon water)
1 bunch of grapes
and a loaf of bread on sale for .90

Total $17.00

Last but not least of course, ShopRite. I got there a little later due to being sick and knocked out cold from a dose of NyQuil. SR was a little crowded because we are supposed to get snow later today and anytime NJ gets snow people act like they are never going to be allowed out of the house for days. They love to overreact here.


4 pks of gum = Free with coupon from 2/22 paper
2 Tree Ripe OJ = $1.69 each
3 SR cheese singles = .99 each
2 pks shredded SR cheese = $1.25 each
2 Breyers ice cream = $1.99 each
1 Over The Moon FF chocolate milk = $1.89
1 shaving cream = $1.99 - .50 q's = .99
2 Glucerna cereals = $4.99 - $5.00 coupon = FREE
1 Perdue turkey meatballs = $2.21
2 Perdue Flavor Bites = $2.54 = $1.00 q's = $1.54
3 jalapeno peppers (husbands request) = .78
1 rotisserie chicken = $4.72

Total $26.85

Total spent for week $51.22, just a pinch over. That is because I grabbed one more bag of shredded cheese than originally planned. I know my husband and he will go through it this morning making his breakfast burritos.

Gayle, who has a great website call The Grocery Cart Challenge, was the original inspiration to me to try a budget with my grocery shopping. Please check out her site, to see how she does it and how some others who also have decided to try her challenge.

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On March 3, 2009 at 3:23 PM , Latte said...

This is really good!-I heart ice cream!


On March 3, 2009 at 5:00 PM , Jennifer (Niffer) said...

Really awesome job! I wish we had a store that doubles or tripples where I live. How many are you feeding on your $50?/week budget? I've got 5 on $100/week (including diapers). just curious!