Author: Cheryl
•9:07 AM

While paying off all these credit cards, I made sure to check how many points we earned on each of them through their reward programs. With credit card companies making changes now everyday to rates and rules, I'm sure they are also going to or already have started adjusting rewards programs to give less benefits to card holders.

So to head that off I have been redeeming all of our points on these cards. I have gotten gift certificates, a free subscription to All You magazine and for the last one a wonderful anniversary present.

Our Amex card gives points for for travel, hotel, etc. We had enough points on my husband's Amex to get a $200 credit on a hotel room. Our 10 year wedding anniversary is in April. So last night we booked a super deluxe room in an awesome hotel in the city for that night. Total cost to us after the credit and taxes was $29.00 and we get free breakfast. Awesome.

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