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Well, where shall I start. First the Phillies won the World Series and we were busy with that, then Halloween I have two parties to wear two separate costumes and food to make for those. Then the election happened and I think me and my husband were so happy about that we forgot about everything else.

I had a two day period where I hit a rough patch and was not in the mood to talk about frugal things. Don't worry that has passed. And to top it all off, my digital camera is not working well. It is sucking the life out of any type of battery I put in it within an hour. So I have no pictures I can take.

I did manage to make another pretty decent payment to credit card #3. We managed to stay within our budget the last two weeks. Since this was the first time we tried it, I was pretty impressed by us both. Now we move on to the next two weeks. The cooking from home is going well. I went to our local produce place today and loaded up on onions, potatoes, cilantro and bananas. I sliced them all up and froze them. With the leftover onions I am going to make enough onion rings to make me husband jump up and down with glee. (glee)

Our menu for the week:

Sunday - Mexican Pizza Squares (see picture above)
(a Pillsbury recipe) and my husband's request. This was a hit at the Halloween party we went to.

Monday - Marlboro Man Sandwich
This comes from my favorite of all time food sites The Pioneer Woman Cooks. She makes the greatest down home food and has beautiful pictures of each step.

Tuesday - Sausage and Potatoes Italiano
Betty Crocker recipe

Wednesday - Seasoned chicken thighs, potato fries and veggies

Thursday - Quesadillas

Friday - Pasta and sauce
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On November 13, 2008 at 9:04 PM , Billy and Maggie said...

Oh YUM!! I wanna eat at your house!!