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We see in the cold open that Michael has gotten Pam a part time job at Dunder Mifflin corporate, because NY is expensive and Pam has run out of money while at art school. But she pays the price for the favor, because Michael now has a place to get a hold of her, and ask her all sorts of stupid questions and say "Pamela" in his Ricola voice.

Michael and Holly are dating and boy are they really dating. The banter between them is amazing, she really is his equal.

Michael "When can I see you again?"
Holly "Tonight. I'm free tonight. Is that too eager? I don't care. I'm free tonight"

Finally a woman who doesn't play any games.

Michael then plans their 3rd date, which he says is traditionally the one where you have sex.

Michael "Does Holly feel that way? I don't know. I will probably find out tonight. If she starts having sex with me I'll know for sure". That sounds like a sure fire way to know.

Andy hands out save the date announcements for Angela and his wedding. Dwight turns to Phyllis for help on winning Angela back after she reminds him she knows they are having an affair.

Holly and Michael discussing their date tonight.

Michael "Some of what we order would depend on whether we are having sex after".
Uncomfortable laughter from both.
Michael "Wow, elephant in the room.......Are we, do you think we are going to have sex tonight?"
Holly "Hell yeah."

Again no games. I love her!!!

Dwight tells Phyllis about his relationship to Angela.

Dwight "She introduced me to so many things - pasteurized milk, sheets, monotheism, presents on your birthday, preventative medicine".

Sheets? I really don't want to ask what he used before. And I learned something too. I had to look up monotheism.

Dwight asks Phyllis why is she marrying Andy.

"Angela is not really a risk taker. And Andy is not really a risk."

Michael and Holly leave work for the night later after everyone else, but Holly says she left her keys upstairs and they go back in. This was actually Holly's way of getting the camera crew out of the office building so she could attack Michael in the stairway. What a girl.

In the morning we find out the office has been robbed. Someone left the door to the building unlocked. Hmmmm who were the last two in the building. Two little lovers I would guess.

Jim finds on his work answering machine a message from Pam. She went out with friends the night before and accidentally called his phone leaving a message of her drinking and partying.

Jim listening to message, "The future mother of my children".

Now quite an awwwww moment there from Jim. But also quite a showing of security on his part to be okay with his fiance partying it up with others in NYC late in the night.

Phyllis tells Dwight he needs to give Angela an ultimatum, pick him or Andy. Dwight gives Angela to 6:14pm to decide on the buffoon or "this" as he points to his lovely self.

Michael decides to throw Crime Aid, to auction off items and services to raise money to get back the things the office and the employee lost in the robbery. Michael decides to draw in the people to auction off Bruce Springsteen tickets.

Holly "He knows how to get things. He got me."
Michael "Twice".

C.R.I.M.E. A.I.D. Crime Reduces Innocence Makes Everyone Angry I Declare.

Michael makes his entrance to his favorite Bruce Springsteen song "The Heart Of Rock N Roll".

Darryl "Mike gave me a list of top ten Bruce Springsteen songs. Three of them were Huey Lewis and The News. One was Tracy Chapman Fast Car, and my personal favorite Short People."

The items auctioned

  • A yoga lesson from Holly Flax - which no one bids on, so Michael buys it for $300.00

  • To go out with Darryl and the guys in the warehouse right now for a beer - which Jim anxiously bids $5.00 and Darryl says sold. So they all leave.

  • Creed "all inclusive" a priceless item in itself.

  • Kevin will do your taxes, federal and state. No one bids, Kevin storms off the stage.

  • Hank, the security guy, Doyle plays the blues CD's.

  • David Wallace, the CEO of Dunder Mifflin, shows up and auctions off a weekend at his place in Martha's Vineyard.

  • Michael tells everyone his BS tickets were stole. Take a wild guess if they ever really existed.

  • Phyllis auctions off a hug. A bidding war starts on this between Bob Vance, her husband from Vance Refrigeration, and Dwight, paying her back for helping him. Bob wins $1000.00
Michael hits the gavel on the table it squeaks.

Michael" What the hell is that?"
Phyllis "That was the only gavel I could find."
Michael "It squeaks when you bang it. That's what she said."

Single handed the best That's What She Said ever on this show. I must have used it at least 5 times in the last week.

While at the bar, Jim runs into Roy, Pam's ex fiance. The awkwardness ensues.

Roy "Relax, I'm not gonna hit you." Guess Jim thinks he overpaid on his $5.00 bid now.
Jim later tells Roy they are engaged. He congratulates them. Jim tells him she is happy and tells him about her going out last night.

Jim "Last night she was out with her friends until 8am".
Roy "Wow, I thought you were her friend".

Ouch. This not only hurt me but hurt Jim. Next scene is Jim in his car driving to NYC. "I felt like I should see Pam." Right before he is to turn onto the highway for NYC, he turns the car back around "No, I'm not that guy and we are not that couple." Good for you Jim, but in my opinion Pam should be doing more to prove that on her end too. Just saying. But then I have always had my opinion that Jim puts much more into their relationship than Pam does, even when they were just friends.

Angela lets Dwight's deadline pass. She has chosen Andy, Dwight is devastated. Phyllis tells Dwight he has to move on now. Dwight accuses Phyllis of just trying to secure her place as head of the party planning committee.

The office raises $1803.00, surprisingly. Michael kisses Holly in the warehouse at the end.

But they are not alone, David Wallace sees them kiss. David "No, I did not know Michael was dating Holly."

Uh 0h, the CEO catching HR and the manager kissing. This cannot be good.
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