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This is the most shopping I have ever done out of the house on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Did I hit Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.? NO WAY!

I hit CVS of course. CVS is having a special 3 day sale with tons of things free after your extra care bucks. And I lucked out in my last trip to CVS I scanned my card and got a fantastic coupon for $10 off of a purchase of $50 or more. I have never gotten one of these. So I got my deal all ready the night before.

My CVS opened at 7am on Thanksgiving, so I got up dreary eyed at 6:30am and drove on over. I went into the store at 7am with one other soul there to do the 3 day CVS deals with me. Whew what a crowd!! They had everything I wanted to get and I made out like a bandit and no pushing, shoving or sleeping overnight with crazy people to do so.

When I left with my 8 mile long receipt and all my extra care bucks I saw on the receipt that two of the things I got weren't just a limit of one they were a limit of two. So I went home took a nice two hour nap and got up again to do one more deal. Back to CVS and still they had plenty of everything. I got those two things I hadn't hit my limit on and a few extra's I passed up on the first time.

My take

3 Gatorades
2 Aussie Hair products
1 Johnson & Johnson lotion
2 boxes of Playtex
1 Schick Trimmer
1 Sally Hanson nail polish
1 Covergirl foundation
1 Covergirl pressed powder
2 Colgate toothpastes
2 Bic Soleil razors
1 Hershey bar
2 L'Oreal lip colour
1 Garnier towelettes

My total oop for both trips was $3.00, I used a bunch of coupons, about $30 something in ECB's and got back $60.00 in ECB's I doubled my extra care bucks!!!! I hope they do this every year.

So when I got up this morning my plan as I said was not to go over to crazy Walmart for some ridiculous electronics. I woke up around 9:30am and headed back on over to CVS to just buy some stuff with some of those ECB's I earned. I didn't care this time about earning more bucks back, I just wanted to knock off some presents and just get some things I wanted.

All this below was .52 out of pocket, used about $30 in ECB's and I still earned $5.00 in ECB's back on the bag I bought, and I didn't even know it was a deal.

3 Whitman samplers (well I did have coupons on these, so I got them for $1.99 each, the will go in the gift bags for my mother in law, sister in law and friend)
1 vanilla extract (I used it all up baking over the last few days)
1 bag of tea lights (I had used up all of mine since the cold weather came)
4 cans of cat food (I ran out yesterday and wasn't going for more till the weekend, so I had to get some to tide us over, so you will notice one can is already gone, the cats couldn't wait)
1 Essence of Beauty bag - a gift for my mom, don't worry she doesn't know how to use the Internet, a great bag that came with some great stuff, it was $14.99 with 5 ECB's back.

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