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My digital camera sucking the life out of any batteries I put in it, really put a damper on me having this blog. I hate not having original pictures to put up, so I guess it just made me feel like I didn't want to post.

But I am on vacation at home this week and I have a cold and I decided I am not going to let that stupid camera get in my way. So when I need pictures, I just put the batteries in the camera, take the pictures real quick, transfer them to my computer and then take them out again.

I had quite a great take on deals this weekend. SuperFresh is having their triple coupons and this is a great way to stock up lots of stuff for cheap. I highly recommend that if you have a store nearby that does it, do not pass it up. Pull any coupon you have for under 1.00, make a list of what those q's are and take both with you to the store along with a calculator. Remember a 75 cent coupon triples to $2.25 off one item, that is a great savings.

I went twice over the weekend, a first for me, but I am glad I did cause my 2nd trip was even better than my first. The pictures I took were not of everything I got, just some of it.

1st trip

Chicken thighs (managers special) $2.10
3 Daisy sour cream $1.00 each - .55q tripled = .54 overage on each one!!!
2 Coconut Milk $1.49 each - .75q off two tripled = .74 for both
3 Ziploc Sandwich bags $2.49 each - .55q tripled = .84 each
3 Muir Glen Diced tomatoes $2.19 each - .75q tripled = .06 overage on each one!!!
2 Lipton Vegetable Soup Mix $1.79 each - 75q off two tripled = $1.33 for both
2 Keebler Ready Pie Crusts $1.50 each - .25q tripled = .75 each
1 Orville Red. 10 pk Popcorn $3.99 - .75q tripled = $1.74 for a 10 pk
1 Bertolli Pasta Sauce $1.99 - .75q tripled = .26 overage!
4 Minute Rice Microwavables $1.89 each - .40q tripled = .69 each
4 Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats $1.69 each - .50q tripled = .19 each
1 Pedigree Good Bites dog treats $3.99 - FREE Good Bites Q = FREE
3 Suave Deodorants $1.69 each - .75q tripled = .56 overage

I added a few other non q things in there. My original total after the sales but before the q's was $67.57. After everything I paid $21.55. Not bad at all.

2nd trip.

5 boxes of Hot Pockets 5 for $10.00 - 50q tripled = .50 each
4 Bertolli Pasta sauce $1.99 each - .75q tripled = .26 overage!
3 Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats $1.69 each - 50q tripled = .19 each
4 Suave Deodorants $1.69 each - .75q tripled = .56 overage!
3 Fresh Express Tender Leaf Salads $2.99 each - .75q tripled = .74 each
3 Kleenex with lotion $1.33 each - .40q tripled = .13 each
2 Thai Kitchen Soups $1.50 each - 50q tripled = FREE
4 Fiber One Pastry $2.59 each - .70q tripled = .49 each
4 Celestial Seasoning Teas $2.00 each - 55q tripled = .35 each

Original total after the sales but before the q's was $66.74, total after q's was $10.63

CAN I GET SOME LOVE FROM THE AUDIENCE??!! I love when they have triples.

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