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You may have never heard of CVS'ing. If you haven't you must check the link at the bottom of this post to see how it is done. Its basically using coupons, comparing sales, and using Extra Care Bucks (ECB's) which are reward dollars you get from CVS for buying certain things. The combination of using these discounts can get you tons of toiletries and households products for incredibly cheap and many times free.

When my friend introduced me to CVS'ing, she told me "You will never go to Target or Walmart again for all your household and body needs". I was skeptical but went right to it next day researching all I could about couponing and the deals at CVS. I caught on pretty quick.

I started in March, and I only go to CVS about twice a week for the new deals. But I have amassed a great deal of the products I need. I have also stretched my couponing into my trips at the grocery stores. I have saved a ton. I highly recommend it.

I went twice today as its just god awful hot out today and I don't want to have to make several trips during the week.

1st Trip

2 Clean and Clear Steam Soft In Shower Facials $5.99 each = $11.98
1 Clean and Clear Morning Burst Cleanser $5.99
2 L'Oreal Vive Shampoos $4.99 each (buy one get one free) = $4.99
1 pkg of Hefty One-Zip Travel Bags (going away soon, but that's another post) = $1.49

Total $24.45

$1.00 off Vive
$1.00 off Vive
$2.00 off any Clean and Clear product
$3.00 off any 2 soft Clean and Clear products
$3.00 off any purchase of $15.00 at CVS

ECB's used = $14.45
Total out of pocket paid = .39 cents
And made $5.00 in ECB's

Yes, 39 cents for all that. I did use more of my extra care bucks that I like to, because I don't have a printer at home and I was short 2 coupons and I didn't make a profit. But I have plenty of face wash to last me quite while.

2nd Trip

I decided to go back again today because on my first trip I found a great deal on clearance.

3 Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills $2.49 each = $7.47
1 Glade Oil Candle Holder $5.49
1 Glade Oil Trio Candle Holder $5.00 (on clearance, was originally $9.99)
1 CVS Makeup Remover Wipes $2.99

Total = $20.95

$2.49 Buy two get one free on Glade Candle Refills
$3.00 off any purchase of $15.00 at CVS
$2.00 off any CVS Skincare
$3.00 off any Glade Candle
$3.00 off any Glade Candle

ECB's Used $7.00
Total Out of Pocket with tax $1.09
And made $4.00 in ECB's

Again not a moneymaker but I got a nice stash of beautiful smelling candles for the house or I can put them away for Christmas presents.

If you want to get into CVS'ing and couponing in general check out this link.

Hot Coupon World

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