Author: Cheryl
•2:11 PM

So since I get all this free or very cheap stuff from CVS and the stores from all this couponing, I thought you would like to know if any of this stuff actually works. Being brand loyal is not a feasible option in couponing. You have to get what is on sale, so you have to be willing to try new products.

There are a few products that you seem to get very cheap and therefore amass quite a collection; deodorant, toothpaste, and razors. I have actually put a ban on getting any toothpaste or deodorant unless it is absolutely free. I won't even pay 50 cents. I have enough.

But razors, I was quite impressed by how many I have accumulated, but I won't stop yet. I really like getting new ones for some reason.

I had this bag of disposable razors from Target before I started couponing back in March, and I just finally finished them about two weeks ago. Finally time to break out the new ones from CVS. My first choice was the Schick Quattro For Women High Performance Razor, regularly retails for about $7.99. It has four blades, yes four blades. The most I had ever used was 2 so this was a pretty big step up for me. I was worried it was going to rip the freckles right off my legs.

So I took my first sweep on my legs with the Quattro and it felt like nothing. No hair pulling, no nicks, nothing. In fact I was pretty convinced it wasn't taking anything off my legs including the hairs. But I did a couple more passes. Then I rinsed off and felt my leg. Smooth as a baby's butt, I'm not kidding ya. I was convinced this thing was dull as a butter knife, when in fact it was just gentle but completely did the job. I have used it a few more times and it kept its performance every time and left my legs very soft and smooth. It comes three in a pack and I highly recommend. No more need to steal your man's razor.

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