Author: Cheryl
•11:37 AM

I had another blog for about a year and a half. It was a blog about the things I baked. I have an insane addiction to sugar and baking was my way of making that addiction constructive.

But unlike most blogs where you just type down what you are thinking or something you like or saw, this involved making a product every post. Most of my creations took at least three to four hours, with buying ingredients, making the dessert, taking pictures, editing pictures and then writing out the whole recipe and posting the blog. I had a few challenges that took 8 to 9 hours and even a few that took 2 to 3 days. It became very time consuming. I couldn't keep up with other sites that would post new creations sometimes 2 to 3 times a week. I have a full time job and house full of pets to take care of when I get home.

It started to become more of an obligation than fun. And if its something you ain't getting paid for and don't have to do, then it better be fun. So that blog came to a sad yet understandable end. I still wanted to blog yet didn't want to be restrained by having to have a product every time I made a post. Hence Nice Pumpkins is born.

I'm 35, married, living in New Jersey and I have an wonderful love of anything that falls in the month of October, especially Halloween, the greatest holiday of the year. So when it came time 2 years ago for me to go and get a tattoo, something Halloween related was obvious to me. I wanted something not gory but not too cartoonish. My lovely tattoo guy, Bobby, came up with my three pumpkins and added a few bats for good measure.

I know, its on the lower back and I'm a girl. But I don't think this type of tattoo was what people had in mind when they came up with the term Tramp Stamp. Its not tribal or roses with vines going through it. Its me, and I love my little pumpkins back there. I don't regret them for a second.

Have no clue where this blog will take me. For right now I am just going to post about what I want to and we will see where it goes.
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