Author: Cheryl
•10:25 AM

I mentioned before I am going on a trip. This trip has had several incarnations, but the final one is 4 days in Chicago.

I have to fly. I haven't flown in over 9 years, when I went on my honeymoon. I used to love flying. I would fight for the window seat and press my face against the glass loving the view. It just took one bad flight home from the Bahamas in a storm to make me a little nervous about flying. Also I haven't flown since 9/11, so things are really different with security and all.

I have asked everyone I know a million questions about packing and what you can and can't bring, flights, airlines, and gone on every website in the world looking up the same things. All that is left is wrap up some errands this weekend and pack. We leave Wednesday and come back on Saturday.

I'm a chronic worrier, so I guess this is just my latest thing to worry about. But I am looking forward to seeing Chicago when I get there.
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On July 25, 2008 at 3:58 PM , breadchick said...


As a frequent flyer (30+ weeks a year..guess that really means I'm road warrior), may I offer one last piece of advice that will make your trip through security much more pleasant?

Before even getting in the security line, take a few seconds to remove all your jewelry, your change, put your cellphone, ipod, digital camera, whatever, into your purse or bag. Make sure you don't have any change or even a metal gum wrapper in your pocket. Take off your belt if you are wearing one. Basically get down to cloth only.

If you are wearing lace up shoes, take them off, tuck the laces into the shoe then put them back on. They'll now be slip on/off at the scanner belt. Better yet, make sure your shoes are slip on/off but not something that will mean you are in bare feet.

If you are carrying through your toiletries in the quart size ziplock bag, get that out as well as your laptop or video camera if you are flying with it and have your boarding pass and ID already in your hand.

I typically cradle my laptop in the crook of my left elbow, rest my ziplog baggy on top of the laptop and have my passport/boarding pass in that hand and use my right hand to pull my suitcase along.

Then get in line.

You'll breeze through security, look like a pro, and the TSA guys won't harass you because you will look like a pro.

OH and don't tuck that boarding pass away until you get all the way through security.

One final thing, grab your stuff and get the heck out of security BEFORE you start to reassemble yourself. The less time you spend there, the less likely TSA is to decide they are bored and need to see in your stuff.

Have a wonderful trip to Chicago. It will be all fine and you will have a blast in the windy city.