Author: Cheryl
•3:45 PM

I've decided to post anything that I come across that I just have fallen in love with. Whether it is a song, a product, a movie, TV show, etc. I hope you will check some of them out.

The Butler Bag

You see, I'm not the type of girl that goes nuts over purses and bags. I also don't get into shoes either, but that is a whole 'nother story. I can't, for the life of me, understand why you would get excited for a $700 bag that looks like a 1970's prostitute should carry it. Most of my bags come from Target or Payless and they better not be over $17.00.

But this bag, oh baby, this bag. My husband loves Apple products and this to me is like the friggin iPhone of bags. Why didn't anyone ever this of making the inside of a bag look like this. How organized can I be? And I sure do love to be organized. This is just genius. This can hold all of my stuff (ipod, cell phone, lotion, keys, brush, and the big one supposedly even holds a small laptop). Of course cheap little old me didn't buy it yet, but it sure is going on my Christmas List. I heard it is a must for traveling and will solve your problems with having to rifle through you purse for your keys amongst your empty gum wrappers.

It comes in a bunch of colors and is a little expensive, starts at $125.00. But this might be one of those things I have to get and call an "investment".

I'm in love. Now I will just have to pick a color.

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