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Been a long rough two weeks. I've had a tension headache for days. Been to the doctor, taking medicine. Husband has forbid me from watching tv or going on the computer today since we think it is eye strain. So I snuck on here after he left for the Flyers game to post my deals. I wasn't even going to go shopping this morning, but I asked my husband to take me since I am not wearing my glasses to give my eyes a break. We hit two different stores.

4 Eggo's .99 each - .75 q's = Free plus overage
1 box Barilla piccollini pasta .89 - .50 q's = Free with overage
2 pks of seasoned chicken breasts $2.93 and $3.98
1 pk of hot Italian sausage $3.62
1 pork tenderloin $5.83
1 big package of chicken breasts $7.32

Total $21.53

Over to ShopRite. I usually get there around 8am. But today didn't get there until 11:30. And I couldn't believe how empty it was. Guess everyone was out celebrating Easter. Since the man was with me I let him pick out the fruit and the bagels. I didn't want to drag him over to the produce market. He was nice enough to drag my blind butt around.

2 Turkey Hill ice creams $1.79 - $1.00 q's = .79 each!!
12 Breyers yogurts 3 for .99 - .50 off 4 q = .96 for 12!!!
2 Tropicana OJ's $2.47 - $1.00 q's = $1.47 each
4 Ziploc bags 2 for $3.00 - .55 q's = .50 each
2 Kotex tampons 2 for $5.00 - .75 q's = $1.50 each
1 Perdue flavor bites $2.99 - $1.00 q = $1.99
1 bag of oranges $2.99
1 bag of grapes $4.38
1 loaf of white bread .99
1 loaf of wheat bread $1.49
1 bag of bagels $2.50

Total $26.20

Total spent $47.53. Under budget and still got lots of great stuff. Now time to get off the computer, grab my cold compress, take my meds and take a nap. Pray for better head feelings this week. Its an important week.

Gayle, who has a great website call The Grocery Cart Challenge, was the original inspiration to me to try a budget with my grocery shopping. Please check out her site, to see how she does it and how some others who also have decided to try her challenge

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On April 14, 2009 at 3:13 PM , newlyweds said...

Great deals, even with a headache. Hope it gets better soon!