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Over the course of my 37 years of life, I've noticed that I lack in a few areas where women are either supposed to excel in or just go batty for.

And lately I have had the pleasure in meeting some great new friends who really bring these inperfections to my persona up to the light.

1.)  I don't like shoes.  I mean I see ones that look cute.  I see them on other people and think they are cute. But I really only think of one thing when I see shoes, BLISTERS.  New shoes hurt and in my opinion they hurt enough to make me not like them, and not want to buy them.  I am probably one of the only women I know who rarely gives a glance when passing by the window of a shoe store.   I love Sex And The City, but I ain't wearin' the shoes.  I buy a pair of shoes, and wear them until my toes are peaking out the holes.  What you see above is the type of shoe I wear all the time.  I do have a collection of shoes in my closet that look great but I have banned them from my feet cause they just freakin' hurt.  But I hate to be barefoot so I really can't win here.

2.)  I can't accessorize. 

I own 3 belts.  A black belt that is basically falling apart, came free with a pair of pants and has holes I made in it to fit my various sizes my waist has been.  A green belt that again came with an outfit and another black one with rhinestones on it that my husband actually picked out for me at a fancy store in AC.  That is my fancy belt and only comes out on special occasions.   That is it.

Scarves.  My husband had to get me into wearing scarves.  Most women just gravitate towards what the hot trend is and then seek out what they need to make it work.  Not me, I have my husband.  He says  "You should buy some scarves and wear them like all the girls are wearing them now."  He then proceeded to pick some out of me and made me buy them.  He also looked at me with such disgust and disappointment as a woman when I went to wear one one night and had no clue how to wear it. I actually looked on the internet to see how you were supposed to wear one of these.  I still only know one way to wear a scarf.  The others were just too complicated.

3.)  Hair.  I hate going to get my hair cut.  I do love a good cut the next morning when you get to try it yourself for the first time.  But I completely despise sitting in the chair and engaging in that fake conversation with the stylist who really could give a crap about what you doing this weekend but feels the need to ask.  I had an amazing stylist about 10 years ago who not only did great hair but would be pretty engrossed in conversations with the stylist next to her while she did my hair.  So we barely had to talk, she did great hair and then she went and quit the salon to stay home with her kids.  If I could I would seek her out and hire her privately, but I'm poor.    Because of this I wait long periods before I give in to get my hair cut.  The last time I went was in July, yes, JULY.

What spawned this was the conversations I was privy to with these great, fabulous new friends on a day trip to NYC this week. They were discussing great moisturizers and face creams.  Brands that I never heard of.  I realized that I use whatever is cheap or whatever I get for free at CVS.    They make me aspire to be more of a woman or at least try to get my hair cut once a season.

I'm working on it.  To be continued...
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