Author: Cheryl
•3:23 PM
Hey I said I was getting back in the game on my blog, but then I put it off again for a bit.  What the heck.

Well here we go.  Back to CVS.  Not bad deals this week, considering the last few weeks they have been absolutely dreadful.

1 Scope Outlast  $3.49
2 Glade Sense & Sprays  $6.00 each = $12.00
1 4 pk Duracell batteries $2.99

Total  $18.48

(1) $1.00 off Scope
(2) $4.00 off Glade Sense & Sprays
(1) $1.00 off Duracell

ECB's used $8.00
Total oop $1.77
ECB's earned $7.00

Not a money maker, but I have found lately that not alot of the deals are.  But still good to stock up on some things.  I am hoping the deals get better as the holidays get closer.
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