Author: Cheryl
•4:11 PM

As you can see from my previous grocery list that I got 5 bags of Quaker Quakes free at Acme. So I couldn't resist giving the ranch flavor a try this weekend.

Quaker Quakes are just small flavored rice cakes. But the taste of the ranch is outstanding. I liken it to a healthier version of the Cool Ranch Dorito, which I haven't let myself have in years. I have no self control. So needless to say I burned through the bag of Quakes just as quickly. But I felt a little better since they have less fat and calories. It made what usually is a boring and ordinary rice cake a heck of alot better. I have yet to try the other flavors I bought, caramel, chocolate and cheese. Oh and the man liked them too. That is quite a compliment coming from a man who doesn't like the healthier version of anything.

These would make a great bowl filler for your next party or game if you have someone who is looking for a slightly healthier snack than potato chips or cheese curls.
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